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The Ocala/Marion County TPO’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) documents the anticipated timing and cost of regional transportation improvements for a period of five years. It is a program that serves as the budget for carrying out the adopted Year 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan. In July 1989, the Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 1474 which revamped the TIP process to provide a more responsive and comprehensive method of developing the annual Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) budget. This TIP represents the federal Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act requirements according to (23 USC 134 (j)) and the state requirement of Florida Statute 339.175 (7).

All sections and elements of this document are financially feasible as demonstrated through the TIP implementation schedule with corresponding committed public resources expected to carry out the plan pursuant to (23 USC 135 (g)(4)(D)(ii) and Title 49 CFR, Part 316. The TIP must include federal and state funded projects as well as turnpike, airport, and transit work items.

Fiscal Year 2018/19 - 2022/23 TIP (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2018/2019 - 2022/2023 TIP Amended May 28, 2019 (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2019/20 - 2023/24 TIP (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2019/20 - 2023/24 TIP Amended July 29, 2019 (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2019/20 – 2023/24 TIP Amended September 24, 2019 (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2019/20 – 2023/24 Roll-Forward TIP (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2019/20 – 2023/24 TIP Amended November 26, 2019