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Public Involvement Plan

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Transportation networks are primarily designed to serve the needs of the public and the public ultimately pays for them through multiple types of taxation and impact fees. In order to ensure that the primary user’s needs are adequately addressed, federal mandate declares that a meaningful and effective public participation process should be a key component in the regional transportation decision-making process. The Ocala/Marion Transportation Planning Organization’s (TPO) Public Involvement Plan (PIP) documents the framework and tools that are utilized to achieve the objectives of incorporating regional and community priorities such as personal and freight mobility, increasing the safety of the roadway network, increasing the area-wide economic vitality, protection of the environment and maintenance of the quality of life into all projects, plans and studies. The PIP also satisfies Federal Transit Administration requirements related to the Program of Projects. The process is designed to provide a transparent and open planning process that is free from any cultural, social, racial or economic barriers and offers multiple opportunities for public participation and input.


2018 PIP (PDF)