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2035 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

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The Ocala-Marion Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) is responsible for planning and programming transportation projects throughout Marion County and its municipalities (“the TPO area”). Transportation projects include roads, transit, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The purpose of the Ocala-Marion TPO 2035 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (Bike Ocala- Marion) is to identify pedestrian and bicycle facility network needs in the TPO area based on analyzing existing conditions and engaging stakeholders and the public in the planning process. Specific projects and policy recommendations are included to serve as a guide to improve the safety and connectivity of walking and biking within Marion County. The ultimate goal of the Master Plan is to plan for a network of sidewalks and bicycle facilities that provide a safe and efficient alternative transportation system. The Master Plan will capitalize on Marion County’s position within Florida’s rapidly growing trail network by planning for a series of paved multi-use trails, also known as shared-use paths that connect to other regional trails in Florida, including the Coast-to-Coast Trail and the Heart of Florida Loop. These trails will not only provide greater connectivity and recreational opportunities, but are intended to bring economic benefits to the region as well.


2035 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan- Part 1 (PDF)

2035 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan- Part 2 (PDF)