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AADT - Annual Average Daily Traffic

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act

AMPO - Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

APTA - American Public Transit Association

ATMS -  Advanced Traffic Management System

AVL - Automatic Vehicle Location System

BEBR - Bureau of Economics and Business Research

BRT - Bus Rapid Transit

CAA - Clean Air Act

CAC - Citizens' Advisory Committee

CBD - Central Business District

CFMPOA -  Central Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Alliance

CMAQ - Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality

CMP - Congestion Management Process

CR -  County Road

CTC - Community Transportation Coordinator

DBE - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

DEO -  Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

DRI - Development of Regional Impact

EA - Environmental Assessment

ECFRPC -  East Central Florida Regional Planning Council

EIS - Environmental Impact Statement

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

F.A.C. - Florida Administrative Code

F.S. - Florida Statute

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FCTD - Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged

FDOT - Florida Department of Transportation

FHWA - Federal Highway Administration

FRA - Federal Railroad Administration

FTA - Federal Transit Administration

FY - Fiscal Year

GIS - Geographic Information Systems

HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle

HUD - U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

ILA - Interlocal Agreement

ISTEA - Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991

ITS - Intelligent Transportation System

JPA - Joint Participation Agreement

LAP - Local Agency Program

LOS - Level of Service

LRT - Light Rail Transit

LRTP - Long-Range Transportation Plan

MOA - Memorandum of Agreement

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization

MPOAC - Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act of 1969

NHS - National Highway System

NOI - Notice of Intent

NTS - National Transportation System

PD&E - Project Development and Environment

PIP - Public Involvement Plan

PL 112 - Planning Funds (Federal)

RFP - Request for Proposal

ROW - Right-of-Way

SAFETEA-LU - Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation

SHS - State Highway System

SIS - Strategic Intermodal System

SOV - Single Occupancy Vehicle

SR - State Road

SRTS -  Safe Routes to School

STIP - Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan

TAC - Technical Advisory Committee

TAZ - Traffic Analysis Zone

TD - Transportation Disadvantaged

TDC - Transportation Disadvantaged Commission

TDLCB -  Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board

TDM - Transportation Demand Management

TDP - Transit Development Plan

TDSP - Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan

TEA-21 - Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century

TIP - Transportation Improvement Program

TMA - Transportation Management Area 

TPO - Transportation Planning Organization

TRB - Transportation Research Board

TSM&O - Transportation Systems Management and Operations

UPWP - Unified Planning Work Program

US DOT - United States Department of Transportation

VMT - Vehicle Miles of Travel